Tuesday, January 10, 2017

National Intelligence Council Report 2017

National Intelligence Council Releases Global Trends Report In-Depth Coverage
 I News Release No. 1-17 January 9, 2017
 Unclassified Assessment of the Strategic Landscape Identifies Changing Nature of Power
Office of the Director of National Intelligence

 The National Intelligence Council today released its quadrennial Global Trends Report. The report–"The Paradox of Progress"–is rooted in conversations with more than 2,500 people around the world from all walks of life in more than 35 countries. The report examines how trends will converge at an unprecedented pace to make governing and cooperation harder and to change the nature of power–fundamentally altering the global landscape. Economic, technological and security trends, especially, will expand the number of states, organizations, and individuals able to act in consequential ways. Within states, political order will remain elusive and tensions high until societies and governments renegotiate their expectations of one another. Between states, the post-Cold War, unipolar moment has passed and the post-1945 rules based international order may be fading too. Some major powers and regional aggressors will seek to assert interests through force but will find results fleeting as they discover traditional, material forms of power less able to secure and sustain outcomes in a context of proliferating veto players. The National Intelligence Council for nearly two decades has prepared for an incoming or returning US Presidential administration an unclassified assessment of the strategic landscape, reflecting insights gathered from around the world. The Global Trends reports consistently shape strategic conversations globally, are used extensively by US government planners and strategists, and are read by millions.
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